Monthly meeting canceled - more time to vote!

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Good news / bad news situation:

Due to the coronavirus situation in Sammamish, the board has decided to cancel the March meeting.  This means there is extra time to get those votes in!  

If you have not yet voted, now is the time to do so.  We are close to a consensus, so your vote counts.

Ready to vote? Here's the email address and ballot form.

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Please send an email to

with the option you vote for, your name and home address

Option 1 – A management company will be engaged to reduce homeowners’ time commitment to the board

               Option 2 – Each household will be required to be on the board for 1 year out of every 10 years – determined by lottery

        Questions?  Email for answers.

Questions about the vote? HOA meeting tomorrow

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We're here to answer any questions! Please come by Fire Station 82 tomorrow, February 12th at 7PM if you'd like to discuss or have questions answered about this important vote.

Fire Station 82 - Sahalee
1851 228th Avenue NE Sammamish, WA 98074

We need your vote!  

Action will need to be taken to relieve the current board if we do not get a vote from a clear majority of homeowners.

Questions about the vote? We are happy to address your concerns.

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It has come to my attention that an email was bcc'ed to multiple members of our community.  In the interests of transparency, I'm publishing the email and my response here. 

We welcome your questions and concerns - this vote is about the future of your community, and we need you to be involved.


 We welcome your concerns, which I am addressing here:


  • The 2020 annual meeting on January 8th was widely advertised online via our Facebook page, on the website, and via postal mail to all homeowners.  The meeting was flagged as important, specifically highlighting that this was regarding the future of the neighborhood management.  Residents who attended agreed on putting forward the options presented.    


  • The urgency is, a new board was not formed at the annual meeting.  2019 board has agreed to remain as an interim board until the vote is concluded.


  • Many neighborhoods are not governed by a HOA.  Those neighborhoods do not usually have any common areas which pose a liability risk and maintenance costs. We can’t simply not run the HOA, as the state has certain requirements for HOA communities with communal land.


  • This vote is not for a change to the CC&Rs.  It is simply a request for extra funds, to outsource the management of the HOA if option 1 is selected.


  • As president, my time commitment has been, on average, in excess of 8 hours a week.  I am one of five board members – all board members have been putting in a lot of time.  The time commitment is not overblown.  With a fully-staffed board, the time commitment is estimated at 20 people x 1 hour a week on average.  I understand your disbelief at this time commitment – it seems unsustainable because it is unsustainable – hence this vote.


  • Depreciation of the home values would be the state putting a lien on all properties in the neighborhood, and bringing legal action against all homeowners for not forming a board.  The current board has remained active until this voting process is complete, to avoid this.  This is what is meant by “receivership”.


  • Budgetary decisions can be made by the president, treasurer and secretary – if 2/3 agree, this is allowed.  Please refer to the CC&Rs.  Per standard operating procedure, the budget was tabled in November and ratified in December, under the assumption that a board would be formed for 2020. 


  • You requested we change the CC&Rs, which is a costly legal endeavor.  As agreed with you, we sent out an email survey to a subset of residents, to determine interest in this change.  Over 80% of residents in the subset emailed were opposed, so based on that result, as per our agreement, we did not pursue a formal vote. 


I hope this addresses your concerns.


Annette Richards

HOA President (interim)




I want to raise objections regarding the process adopted for voting on ‘2020 HOA Management Change Decision’ and want the HoA to pause the process.

The grounds for objection are as follows:

i.                 The framing of the voting form / questionnaire is highly flawed due to introduction of “biased phrases” (by mistake or on purpose) which create a sense of false urgency and usher voters towards Option 1. There is no evidence of depreciation of property values in the areas (in Sammamish) which are not under HoA and the mention of the fact that the property values would depreciate in case one of the options is not chosen is an attempt to cloud peoples’ thinking by creating a sense of false urgency.

ii.                Framing of Option 2 also makes it harder for people to pick (option 2) by blowing the time commitment requirement out of proportion – another way of ushering them to Option 1.

iii.              The legality of the operating board is questionable ab initio. The voting form suggests that there has been lack of participation from the community. This raises questions regarding quorum and on how the operating board has been making budgetary decisions thus far.

iv.              There should have been a survey on the possible options which the community would want to see included in the voting form before having mailed the forms to the residents. Moreover, more information is required on how the process was started i.e. how the decision for allocation of budget for conducting the voting was taken given the that community engagement was lacking.

v.                I had requested the HoA for holding a vote on my request of operating a home-based day-care and I was told that before holding a vote, the response of the community would be measure through an email and if there is a desire in the community to hold a vote only then the vote would be held. For the case in point i.e. (2020 HoA Management Change Decision) desire of the community was not ascertained via email and a voting campaign has been directly launched which is inconsistent with the practice I was told would be adopted on my request. This action of the board might be seen as outright discriminatory.

Foregoing in view, I humbly request that the process of voting be halted, and community be consulted on the options on which they would want to vote, one of which should be dissolution of the operating board.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


2020 HOA management change decision

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Deerfield Homeowners’ Association
**Response Required by March 4, 2020 - vote tallied for March 11th HOA member meeting **

Please send an email to with the option you vote for, your name and home address. Alternately, a voting slip is provided, so you can mail your response if you would prefer. 

Due to extremely low community involvement, our HOA is in dire need of change. Below is a high-level summary of the 2 options approved in the January 2020 meeting – we need you to vote on an option. For additional information, please email  Please read through this document and vote by email, or via USPS mail no later than March 4.

You are part of the Deerfield Homeowners Association (HOA) by owning a home in the Deerfield neighborhood. A board – made up of homeowners like you and your neighbors, who volunteer to participate in the board, runs the HOA. The HOA is responsible for – 

§  Ensuring homeowners (including you) do not face liability and legal action for issues in common areas

§  Organizing regular maintenance of all common areas including the soccer field, trails and playground

§  Maintaining trees and plants in the HOA common areas including emergency response

§  Ensuring that the general architecture, look and feel of the neighborhood is up to standards and following up with homeowners in violation of said standards

§  Ensuring HOA legal obligations for the state are fulfilled

All of the above activities are crucial to maintaining the curb appeal of our neighborhood and home value.


Ø  Option 1 – A management company will be engaged to reduce homeowners’ time commitment to the board

Ø  Option 2 – Each household will be required to be on the board for 1 year out of every 10 years – determined by lottery

Failure to take one of the above actions will result in the Deerfield HOA going into receivership status with the State.
This would be highly detrimental to our property values and the curb appeal of our neighborhood.

The board has been operating with fewer than 5 participants for the last 10 years (less than 2% of the 230 households), resulting in significant delays in response to most requests and priorities. This also results in increased liability for every homeowner in this community.  In order to function properly, your board needs 10% of 230 households to participate on the board.

Both options are approximately the same cost by 2024. The CC&Rs limit annual fee increases to 10% per year without a vote.


Option 1

Option 2
















Option 1: Engaging a Management Company

This option requiring less time from you. The minimum HOA board (President, Treasurer, and Secretary) is needed to authorize all actions. The board’s time commitment is small.

The management company will streamline payments; give us speedy and consistent service. In addition to providing better communication, they have the expertise and skill set to resolve matters efficiently and effectively.

·         In 2020, in addition to the annual HOA payment of $251, a one-time fee of $70 per home will be assessed ($321 total)

·         In 2021, annual dues would increase to $340

·         In 2022 and onwards, annual dues would increase in line with the cost of living index (about 3% per year)

Option 2: Mandatory Homeowner Board Participation

Each homeowner will be required to be on the board for at least 1 year out of every 10 years. This will be a binding obligation and will be determined by lottery. The minimum time commitment anticipated per board member is about 50 hours per year.

·         In 2021-2024, a 10% increase will be needed each year to cover the higher cost of using individual service providers

In 2025 and onwards, annual dues would increase in line with the cost of living index (about 3% per year)

New board for 2019

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Many thanks to Jim for his long term commitment to the board.  We have many fresh faces on the board for 2019, looking forward to a productive year! 

If you would like to get involved, or just to find out what's going on, join us at one of our monthly meetings.  We can't wait to meet our neighbors. 

Annual General Meeting, Jan 9th

posted Dec 12, 2018, 3:19 PM by Domain Administrator

Our AGM will be January 9th, 2019, 7pm at the Fire station opposite the soccer field. 

We will be voting in our new board for 2019.

Please help support your neighborhood and attend this meeting.  Protect your investment, get involved. 

Future HOA meeting dates

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October's HOA meeting has been canceled due to board travel.

November's HOA meeting has moved to Thursday 11/15, 7pm at the firestation

December's HOA meeting is 12/12, 7pm at the firestation

All are welcome to come along and see what happens.

HOA September meeting date change

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With the start of the new school year and curriculum nights galore, our September meeting will be held on

Thursday September 13th at 7pm,

instead of Wednesday 12th September.

National Night Out - Tuesday August 7th, 6-8pm @ soccer field

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Note updated date/time:  Tuesday August 7th, 6-8pm

Let's celebrate National Night Out with our Deerfield neighbors. 

Meet at the Soccer Field, on Tuesday August 7th, from 6-8pm. 

Bring food to share, and a camp chair or two if you want - water, snacks and good conversation with your neighbors provided!

This is a great opportunity to get to know your neighbors in an informal setting.  Looking forward to seeing you there.

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