Dues & Escrow

Homeowner's Dues

The Deerfield HOA relies 100% on dues from its 230 member homes to provide the support necessary to keep our development looking nice and maintaining it as a desirable place to live.

The amount of dues is subject to review each year (currently set at $215.00/year).  Once the board determines the dues amount invoices are sent to each homeowner at the beginning of the calendar year and are due within 30 days.  Invoicing for our annual dues is contracted to the Association’s accountant.  It is important that each homeowner pay their dues on time since it keeps our costs down (by not requiring us to send late notices).  Beyond the due-date period a late fee is assessed as allowed by the bylaws of our Association.  If a home’s dues remained unpaid then the Association may be forced to incur additional expenses in filing liens against the property which further increases each member’s costs.

Our treasurer is a member of the Association’s board and is responsible for handling all the dues received, paying the bills incurred by the association, assisting with escrow requests as well as helping in determining the annual budget.  In addition to this the treasurer is responsible to work with our accountant who maintains the books for the association.  In addition to our accountant the treasurer provides information to an independent CPA firm who performs an annual audit of the Association’s finances.

The Association’s accounting firm handles all dues invoicing including preparing and sending late notices, determining late fees and maintaining an accounts receivable balance for such accounts, assists with escrow requests and provides detailed balance sheet information for our annual independent audit.

For questions on dues or more information please contact the Association’s treasurer at:  treasurer@deerfieldsammamish.com .

For questions on dues invoices please contact:  accountant@deerfieldsammamish.com

For payment address please use our HOA address under Escrow Requests below:

Escrow Requests:

Requests for dues status to fulfill Title Company escrow requests should either be mailed to the Association at:

Deerfield Homeowner’s Association

704 228th Ave N.E.  PMB 144

Sammamish, WA  98074 

Or, they can be e-mailed to: escrow.request@deerfieldsammamish.com